Begin Here

This is my new blog. The old one got hacked. No biggie. I’ll start over.

5 responses to “Begin Here

  1. No biggie for you, maybe, but a few of us in the lower 48 have missed your words.

    Thanks for carrying on.

  2. suevanhattum

    Hey Doug. I read your post from google reader, so I wasn’t at your blog. Clicking on the link here made me nervous, not knowing how things work behind the scenes. You might want to mention the name of this new blog, back at Borderlands. And thanks for the warning. My book has a website that’s using WordPress software. Scary…

  3. Thank you, Sue and Michael, for following me here and offering your encouragement to carry on. I’m thinking of this as an opportunity to move my writing and thinking in some new directions.

  4. Michaele Sommerville

    Glad to have found you again~

  5. Doug–Enjoyed the Borderland blog and your commentary on ed in The Last Frontier. Hope you continue the good insight and commentary on both the beauty of your state as well as the state of education.

    As a media specialist in New Jersey, I’m sorry to say that things aren’t much better on the east coast than they seem there.

    Keep fighting the good fight and thanks for your blog posts.


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